Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Beginning of A New Shopping Era!

Dressing is a way of life.  -  Yves Saint Laurent
I love fashion and therefore I decided to start a blog.  But there are so many fashion blogs out there already. What is so special about this blog? Unlike other fashion blogs, I will bring the designer/couture pieces to you that you can afford and people will ask you: where on earth did you get that?
Every woman likes to wear unique clothes, nice clothes, designer clothes, right? As a matter of fact, these are the only things that I would wear in an ideal world.  They are made with better fabric, better construction, and better tailoring.  But they are expensive.  Well, this is where I come in.
I have been shopping on ebay for more than 5 years and I have bought countless designer garments and shoes at bargain prices in new or excellent condition (e.g., Zac Posen silk runway dress for $68, Vera Wang Lavender label sheath dress for $68, Ralph Lauren Collection wool dress for $69, Vivienne Tam silk dress for $28, 3.1 Phillip Lim pants for $39, iisli cashmere sweater for $29, Kate Spade leather pumps for $60, Tory Burch sandals for $48, Elizabeth and James pumps for $42, and the list goes on).  More than often I come across designer clothes, shoes, handbags at bargain prices but not my size, not my cup of tea, or I just simply won't look in it because of my body type.  Some of them are from sample sale which means they were never manufactured and sold to the public, therefore are truly one of a kind pieces.
I am using this blog of mine as a vehicle to pass on these designer/couture bargains to the ladies out there who like to use fashion to express themselves as unique individuals at bargain prices.  The sizes of the garment that I will be posting are: 2,4, and occasionally 6XS and S.  The sizes of shoes are 7M - 7.5M.  All styles and sizes of handbags and other accessories as I come across them.  I can expand the sizes and categories later depending on the feedback.
Since Ebay is an auction style website, the listing prices do not represent the final purchase prices of the items that I will be listing here.  All designer/couture pieces listed are in new or excellent condition.  I will also be discussing some tips buying at Ebay that might be useful to you related to the items listed here.  Remember: you are always welcome to email me any questions regarding listed auctions.
Now sit on tight and enjoy deals brought you by couture bargain, ladies!
Note: I am not affiliated with Ebay or any sellers on Ebay.  I am simply passing the information.  I am not responsible for the quality and fit of the garment. Please contact the Ebay seller for any issues you might have regarding any purchases.  I am more than glad to help you with resolving any issues.

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